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About BorrowMyDoggy

The BorrowMyDoggy idea was born on a beautiful July day in 2012. One of our founders (or first official borrower) was contacted by a neighbour who needed someone to look after his dog whilst he went out for the day. Instead of spending the day stuck indoors, Aston (the loveable pooch in question), went for several walks in the park, attended a garden party and chilled with some new friends.

It was on this day that it dawned on one of our founders that all owners need to be apart from their dogs sometimes and there's no need for dogs to be home alone, or for owners to always pay for a dog walker or kennel. She said "There are thousands of adoring dog lovers who, just like me, would love to take care of a dog for free, and would look after the dog really well. We should create a way to put these people in touch, as it would make so many people and dogs happy!”

So we did... And BorrowMyDoggy is all about spreading “Pawprints of Happiness”.

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